Historical Costuming

HistoryCon is proud to host a costume competition focusing on historical and period costuming!

There will be two categories at this event: Historically Accurate and Historically Inspired.

Historically Accurate is aimed at costumers working to create or recreate accurate historical costumes, that is, a costume that mimics an actual outfit worn half a century or more ago, as accurately as possible. These may be original designs or based in whole or in part on a costume in a movie, TV program, comic, etc. We particularly invite those costumers using historically accurate fabrics and techniques where possible. Entrants in this category will get individual slots to discuss their costume with the panel of judges before a slot of up to one minute on stage for each entrant. Costumes will be judged on historical accuracy and craftsmanship (a full rubric will be provided ahead of time). You must have made your costume yourself (minor help from friends with pinning and stitching is okay, buying your costume on etsy is not!) and your costume must not include significant unaltered bought items (shoes, underthings, and wigs are okay, the entire outer garment is not). If you wish to enter this category you MUST sign up ahead of time in order to be assigned a slot. Click here to sign up!

Historically Inspired is aimed at any and all cosplayers, costumers, or one-time costume wearers who want to show off any costume that has been inspired by any period of history or any popular media set in the past, fadó fadó, or a long time ago in our galaxy or one far far away. Entrants in this category will be judged as they line up and during a slot of up to 30 seconds on stage for each entrant. Prizes will be awarded for fitting the theme and for imagination and execution. If you wish to enter this category, you may sign up on the day or ahead of time.

For both categories, you’ll need to provide your name and a one-sentence description of your costume.

For the Historically Accurate category, you’ll also need to confirm how much of your costume you made yourself, upload at least one reference image or description, tell us whether you’ll use your entire one minute on stage to perform a short skit or just come out and pose, confirm whether you need specific audio for your optional skit, and let us know if you need any assistance.

So choose your historical costume and sign up today!

Information about the panel of judges and the rubric for Historically Accurate entrants will be released here closer to the con!